A series of event documentaries exclusively for U.S. cinemas, featuring an in-depth look at the most extraordinary and groundbreaking art masters of their time.  

From the immense breadth of Vincent Van Gogh's wheat fields, to Caravaggio's internal struggles expressed in his emotional masterpieces; from turn of the century Vienna with mentor Gustav Klimt and his protégé Egon Schiele to Claude Monet's timeless and stunning masterpieces of water lilies. 

Just announced! Starting September 2019, cinema audiences continue to journey all over the world -- from Italy in a celebration of the life and canvases of Tintoretto, the last great artist of the Italian Renaissance, to the lush island of Tahiti which proved to be Gauguin's most inspired panoramic backdrop, and finally to Madrid with Academy-Award® winner Jeremy Irons hosting the first cinematic romp through the Prado Museum, one of the most visited museums in the world.